Mission Statement:

“The idea of Stretto came out of my living room: musicians gathered, reading music together, engaging in an indescribable form of communication. Through chamber music, close friends and strangers alike can sit down and immediately have profound, meaningful, intimate conversations.

The overarching goal of this endeavor is communicated through its name. “Stretto” is a musical term with a two-fold meaning. The first refers to the building of excitement through the acceleration of tempo, and the second refers to the coming together of multiple voices of a musical texture. These qualities are what I hope to bring to the community through these concerts: an energy and enthusiasm for highest quality chamber music, the overlapping voices of musicians and audiences from all backgrounds and cultures, and the tightening of the community by bringing together all kinds of people through chamber music.”

- Allison Freeman, Artistic Director

Stretto Chamber Music Series represents:

The unification of young professionals and distinguished artists from all around the world: the first season features performers from Cuba, Israel, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, and the United States.

The unification of artists and audiences: the cultivation of active communication between performers and listeners.